Fashion Highlights A Combination Of Art And Fashion

The glitz, granny chic style and glamour appear to be minimalistic. There are new models in the catwalks in Milan, London, New York and Paris out sizing their personalities.

The fashion 2018 will reveal sexiness in a new form. The best frocks of 2018 will cover the body in the form of shine and sequins.  However, the Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, Michael Halpern and many more are assured of bright future in fashion.

In 2017 the merch-mania ruled and now gave a new twist in 2018 with collaboration. There will be art-shopping paired with each fashion element.

Raf Simons, at Calvin Klien made to the headlines by including in his 2018 Spring collection the Andy Warhol screen prints. This turned as a multiyear collaboration from the beginning of this year between the Warhol Foundation and the brand in a partnership to test the fashion and art boundaries.

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